Albany Eden is a comedy dating blogger with years of experience as both a single girl and half of a couple. Her writing is intended to entertain and educate. It focuses on her own personal dating catastrophes, which will hopefully show readers how to avoid dating the wrong type of person, so they can find, and be available for, the right one.

The stories are based on reality. Characters may also be composites. Names and other identifying information have been changed for privacy.

The Dating Catastrophes of Albany Eden, behind the blog:

I start to wonder if the cosmos is keeping me single for other people’s amusement. This is looking to be more and more the case so hopefully my misadventures can help women avoid creeps and help men avoid being creepy.

*     *     *

I do not in any way shape or form wish to imply through this blog that I think most men are losers. This blog focuses on a small, albeit exhausting, minority of the male population. I believe that most men are respectful, kind and honorable (although, many of these are already taken so we have to sift through who is left more carefully!). Losers are exceptions to the rule and women should not be discouraged. To all the good men out there, I thank you for being you!



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